DNI !! . . . If ur a snowflake, like kpop, pick me's, annoying asf, -12/20+, h8 my friends/bf, make fun of lgbtq+/other shit, fake disorders, fake sexualities, etc!


BYF !! . . . I'm clingy and like attention..ALL THE TIME, I like talking a lot and making funky lil friends! AND I LOVEEEE INSULTING PEOPLE - Call me if you need insultin' work on someone!! - I get rlly excited/hyper sometimes!


SERIES Marbel hornets, Spooky month, etc
BAND Mindless Self Indulgence
PEOPLE My bf, my friends, (comfort) teacher, etc!!


TOTALLY IN Spooky month, endzone, creepypasta, etc!
KINDA IN Danganronpa, crk, mandela catalogue, etc!